Camping – Leaving so Soon?

Camping – Leaving so Soon?

It has been a while since our whole family has gone on a camping trip together. Now the kids have grown up and the dog has passed on. We got to thinking though, the new dogs in town have not been shown the camp ropes yet! It’s high time to get them out there. Kindr N Stix, our new collie dogs, have not gone out on a camp trip with us.

Kindr is our princess, a show dog, that was retired at age 4, and Stix we got as a pup, and is now at the ripe old age of 15 months. He is not a princess, much more like a beast. We come home to find that he has
rearranged the bricks in the front yard!

Now, it started off as a small experiment in getting back into the swing of things, but the kids thought it a great idea also. One of our daughters now has a son about 2 and a half years old, and they too have a dog, and our other daughter was very excited to hear about the camp idea as well. So here we go!

Of course, the good ole family tent has outlasted it’s prime and needed a good fling to the big trash bin in the back. So, it’s off to shop. We love to shop in these, the best of economic times. It’s no longer a small camp trip! We, Grandma and Grandpa, are still consoling ourselves that this is going smoothly. My shoulder just having surgery, is not a big deal until of course, in trying to keep our two excited, wagging collies from jumping out of the truck, the back hatch comes down upon my head knocking me to the ground. I see a few stars but assure my husband that I can still stand up, walk, and he could please stop hollering about how stupid that was and just drive us to our site and get some ice on my head.

Within no time the brand new tent is up. We marvel at its simplistic design and wonder how rainwater could possibly stay out of it? All is good, not a cloud in the sky for now. We have a nice shady spot until the kids arrive later in the day around 3ish. Now we are all fighting along with the dogs for the few square feet left of shade. Conversation drifts to who is panting harder, the dogs or us?

We all know the real reason we came to camp, it’s to sit around the campfire, eat good food, look up at the vast array of glistening stars and be able to tell outrageous stories. Well, the fire started out okay, but Mom and child were worn out from the heat and went to bed so it was just the three of us. We did have a great time, just worried some about being too loud for the others. It came time for us to hit the bags as well. It was a warm night, even for the mountains. None of us needed to sleep in our sleeping bags. I believe that is a first.

Our daughter’s dog, Boomer was kind enough to wake me in the morning. I now know why he is named Boomer. My husband had breakfast handled as always, and the best part is that now that the kids are grown, they help out more. Our daughter, grandson and her boyfriend were first to leave. We stayed with our youngest daughter. She helped with packing things back up into the truck. We sufficiently stuffed it to the gills leaving only enough room for the dogs to jump in the back.

We were all done and last but not least, get our reluctant Kindr N Stix back in the truck for home. Say our good byes to our baby girl and climb into separate cars. We turn the key in the ignition and nothing. We barely heard a click. Oh no! Dead battery. Lucky for us, we had given our daughter Ashley a car emergency kit for Christmas which contained jumper cables. I went to get the dogs out of the back of the truck since it was so hot only to find that the automatic lock had been triggered from the dead battery. Luckily we had the two very front doors open so they had some air in the back! We pulled our daughters cables out, connected them and our daughter started her car. The next thing we saw was smoke rising off of the cables! Yikes! Okay, maybe the camp host has some cables we can use. Surely those were just too cheep a cables for the big truck, right? Camp host rolls up in his little cart and jumps out and spies the melted cables on the ground, “cheep cables, huh,” well, “yeah, that is what we are thinkin,” utteres my husband. New better cables are on the truck now and suddenly we hear our daughter hollerin, “smoke, melting, fire, melting.” The two men were suddenly running in circles trying to figure out how to get the now sparking and smoking cables off the car and truck. The rubber was melting onto our daughters car. My husband took his flip flops to use as hot pads to take the cables off the vehicles. The cables looked so sad drooping down half melted onto my daughters car. My daughter was worried that her cars paint job was ruined, my husband was worried that the truck was blown to, well you know where. Sure enough, those cables were just as cheep I guess! Camp host scratched his balding head and retorted, ” haven’t ever seen anything like that.” The cables lay on the ground in a melted heap. They looked as if struck by lightning! At this point the only answer was, Triple AAA! We told them our dogs were stuck in the back of the truck. While we waited impatiently for Triple AAA to arrive we worked on a plan to get the dogs out. What if we unpacked an area of the back and pulled them up through the back door? It worked and just after we had the dogs safely in the shade, Triple AAA arrived. They had to of only taken ten minutes to get to us! They were very fast in reaching us. We were amazed. We were also embarrassed as well, to find that we had the two positive charges causing the problem. The design of the truck was poor so that you cannot connect the negative cable to the battery and the metal piece that my husband was using as a ground didn’t look like it was part of the positive post, but it was. Live and learn, and return new cables to our daughter and the camp host!

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